Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Lt Headtrip Returns with Bone-chilling Gary Blake-directed "Three Dollar Watch" Video & Exclusive ialive Remix (The Witzard Premier)

Since unveiling his latest album, Comedy of The Filthbeast, right here at The Witzard earlier this year, New York rapper-producer Lt Headtrip has let loose a series of bone-chilling video accompaniment including Raisi K.-premiered "Father, Father," "Neck Right," and lest we forget, his 40-minute full-album stream. Now, Lt Headtrip has returned to The Witzard to premier Comedy of The Filthbeast's next music video treatment, "Three Dollar Watch." Headtrip and his creative cohorts fittingly describe "Three Dollar Watch" as "[within] the third video from Lt Headtrip's self-produced album, Comedy of The Filthbeast, director Gary Blake captures the tension between a caged snake and its unguarded prey, set to a song about a naive young girl's relationship with her abusive father figures." "Three Dollar Watch" consists of rather chilling footage of a snake stalking his dinner (a little white mouse) filmed by Blake a few years ago and more recently, edited down and retro-fitted to accompany Lt Headtrip's equally chilling tale; together, amassing a very unique take on one of Comedy of The Filthbeast's strongest tracks and a presentation of truly original piece of art. Also, to accompany "Three Dollar Watch," Lt Headtrip has provided The Witzard with an exclusive remix composed by The Hell Hole Store & TIMEWAVE ZERO rapper-producer Donovan ialive. As you might expect, ialive adds a whole new dimension to "Three Dollar Watch" with a skeletal, ominous take on Headtrip's emotional narrative.

"Three Dollar Watch" is the second Comedy of The Filthbeast track to be remixed in recent months, preceded by Raisi K.'s "Father, Father" flip. If you dig what you hear here, I suggest you stay tuned, as Lt Headtrip & The Karma Kids have a number of projects currently in-the-works... most of which, aren't fully ready to be announced just yet. I can, however, tell you there are more Comedy of The Filthbeast videos coming relatively soon, as well as "a cross-label collaborative album curated by Headtrip and Backwoodz Studioz engineer, Willie Green" called LNYCHPIN. LNYCHPIN's full-length will showcase 16 hand-selected emcees and seven producers affiliated with The Karma Kids, Reservoir Sound, Backwoodz Studioz, Uncommon Records, and Smoker’s Cough. Not only will LNYCHPIN be released digitally Friday, December 8th, but the whole NYC super-crew will perform the album at Bushwick Public House the following night, Saturday, December 9th from 9:00pm-1:00am; The Karma Kids, PremRock, Teddy Faley, Reservoir Sound System—consisting of A.M. Breakups, Warren S. Britt, Hype Wonder, SKECH185, and more—will perform with special guest appearances from LNYCHPIN affiliates BIG BREAKFAST, billy woods, Blastmaster Baker, DJ Zesto Q, and a few special top-secret guests. Tickets are currently available for just $8.00! I'll just let Mr. Headtrip take it from here and explain the rest...

"This song isn't about me, so I didn't find it appropriate to shoot a performance video. Gary Blake, who I've worked with in the past, has an incredible imagination and keeps a fine-focused lens on the world around him. I shared the initial mixes of this album with him and talked music videos for several songs, so we threw some ideas around for "Three Dollar Watch" and this footage arose. The parallel between the young girls' relationship with her father figures and the captive animals immediately stood out to us and the idea stuck. I reached out to Colin Williams, the artist whose hand scripted my album's lettering, for the titles to complete the project.

The subject of the song is very close to me and I wanted to paint the scenario properly. I began writing this seven years ago, after learning about Sara's grandfather and spending time with her grandmother, who raised her. A couple years later, we met her father, who she hadn't seen in person, since she was very young and the rest of the song wrote itself; I took the other verse and hook directly from dialogue during the weekend we spent together.

It took me over a dozen tries to to get the production on this track correct. I wanted to evoke an emotional response from the song's subject and every version I finished, left her underwhelmed. Eventually, I enlisted some outside help; Duncecap gave me the idea to slow the drum pattern down during the verses and Jeff Markey lent me his synth skills for the main melody, which I arranged afterward. When I showed her this version, she was taken aback and still has trouble listening to it without getting emotional. Only at this point, did I feel that I had done her story justice."

- Lt Headtrip (The Karma Kids)

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