Monday, November 13, 2017

Maryland Rapper-producer Dot-Com Intelligence Chops It Up with The Witzard Concerning Logic Marselis-produced PROTOCULTURE, Inspirations & Influences & All Things In-Between (Interview)

Dot-Com Intelligence AKA D.O.T. AKA Divine Cipher Truth Communicates Intelligence AKA Terrence Patterson is a rapper-producer hailing from Waldorf/Prince George's County, Maryland. He's an affiliate of 4Ever Records, Client-Tel Gang (CTG,) and Constellation 52 Blocks (C52G) and whole-heartedly "reps The DMV" AKA DC/MD/VA area. I first heard Dot-Com's 1980-90's Boom-Bap-evoking rhymes on "Puma Suede" and "BBFVK" from Baltimore producer and beat-maker John "Jumbled" Bachman's 2016 EP, Action Shots. Jumbled recently urged me to re-visit Dot-Com Intelligence's latest Logic Marselis-produced MGNTK. release, PROTOCULTURE, which was unveiled almost immediately after Bachman's own MGNTK. project with emcee UllNevaNo, The Ghost of Len Bias EP. PROTOCULTURE is the proper follow-up to Dot-Com Intelligence's Balibz-produced Summer 2017 album, SWAG GODLY HARD BODY VOL. 1. After giving PROTOCULTURE a few digi-spins on MGNTK.'s Bandcamp page, I reached out to Dot-Com Intelligence (@dotintell19) on Twitter and our conversation soon transitioned over to Gmail. What you now see below is a direct, unedited transcription of a quick, yet thorough emailed interview between myself and Terrence Patterson AKA Dot-Com Intelligence himself. If you haven't already, I would strongly urge you to check out Dot-Com Intellligence & Logic Marselis' PROTOCULTURE, which I would liken to something along the lines of Random Axe—Guilty Simpson, Black Milk & Sean Price RIP—meets RZA's gritty 36 Chambers-era Wu-Tang Clan production work. PROTOCULTURE is currently available on MGNTK.'s Bandcamp, along with The Ghost of Len Bias EP and illien rosewell x Logic Marselis' recent SUPREME BEING EP.


Matt "The Witzard" Horowitz
Bringing You The Platters That Matter

I. How did you first align with MGNTK.?

It was by happenstance on Soundcloud... I was randomly checking out music, after I released my second project, SOVEREIGN (2014.) I happened to click on this project by Logic Marselis called CHEESESTEAK EGGROLLS (2014); I was completely blown away. After that, I heard UllNevaNo & Logic on THE PROTOCOL (2013) project that they did together... I made it my goal to support and get to know them. Since my crew, Client-Tel Gang (CTG) went on hiatus, the aesthetic of Logic & Neva made me rejuvenated to go hard and create the best art I can.

II. How did you and Logic Marselis decide to make this album together?

I emailed him, then we got [to talking]. I told him I had a idea for a project that would be easy and work to our strengths—me: words and concepts and Logic: beat creator and soundscapes. As a selling point, I even found and gave Logic all the samples!!! (make beats myself)

III. What's the meaning behind "PROTOCULTURE?"

"PROTO" - NEW OR ADVANCE CULTURE; THE WAY PEOPLE LIVE, ACT, AND BELIEVE. The goal is be with consciousness and God is consciousness!!!

IV. What might you likely cite as some of your greatest sources if inspiration and influence, while recording this album?

Influences & Inspirations: KRS-One, Public Enemy, Stevie Wonder, Jill Scott, Sean Price, Planet Asia, Mach Hommy, The 5% Nation, and Solace Solari AKA Solace The Wise 1 (writer and YouTube'r.)

V. What's the story behind the black-and-white image on the PROTOCULTURE cover art?

The story of the cover is from this photo of these kids living in the time of The Harlem Renaissance... I saw this photo on a public television documentary about Harlem. I loved the juxtaposition of those black kids, who were probably really struggling, but they presented themselves as royalty. There is struggle, anger, pride, and hope in defiance that's on their faces. It took me forever to find that picture!!! Thank God for The Internet!!!

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