Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Westside Gunn & DOOM's WESTSIDEDOOM Double-A-side Single Gets Beefed Up with WESTSIDEDOOM (Thanos Beats EP Remix)

"I did this project paying homage to Westside Gunn and MF DOOM for always inspiring us to create and stay creative and true to the culture we love. I stopped making hardcore beats for a while, thinking it was over," Thanos Beats wrote on Facebook this past Sunday, November 19th. The Brooklyn-based, Avengers super-villain-referencing producer has taken WESTSIDEDOOM AKA Westside Gunn & DOOM's recent 2-track EP and successfully flipped it into a sprawling 22-minute, 6-track EP fittingly dubbed WESTSIDEDOOM (Thanos Beats EP Remix.) "Then, we get hit with Griselda Records. After hearing the catalog and following their movement, I knew they were building a legacy of greatness. I thank y'all brothers, personally," Thanos graciosuly continued. According to, Thanos Beats has previously "produced for notable artists such as Domingo, Joell Ortiz, Lil' Fame, Chris Rivers, Cappadonna, Vast Aire, Sadat X, Smoothe Da Hustler, Genesis LXG, 2Mex, Karniege, Aceyalone, Alyssa Marie, and DramaX2." Just last week, London-based boutique label Daupe! completely SOLD OUT of 5 limited edition colored vinyl pressings and 2 limited edition cassette variations of WESTSIDEDOOM within a matter of mere minutes, which might actually be where Thanos Beats attained his base acappellas.

If you, much like myself, were expecting a slightly more fleshed out, full-length mixtape from Westside Gunn & DOOM's collaborative WESTSIDEDOOM EP, which ended up being just a double-single produced by Alchemist & Daringer, Thanos Beats' WESTSIDEDOOM Remix EP might be just what you've been looking for since Sept. 27, 2017; HYPEBEAST's recent all-inclusive Westside Gunn interview unfortunately, pretty much "put the kibosh" on WESTSIDEDOOM being anything more than a short, but sweet 2-track collaborative project... especially, after DOOM's mysterious fall-out with Cartoon Network's [adult swim] and their proposed 15-week THE MISSING NOTEBOOK RHYMES series. Following Westside Gunn's widely-praised and critically-acclaimed debut, FLYGOD, he and brother Conway (together, known as Hall &/N' Nash) got signed to Eminem & Paul Rosenberg's Interscope subsidiary Shady Records. 2017 also saw the surprise-release of not one, but two more volumes of Westside Gunn's popular H**ler Wears Hermes series, H**ler On Steroids and H**ler Wears Hermes V. Since releasing his WESTSIDEDOOM Remix EP, Thanos Beats has uploaded a track called "What Ya Smoking?" on which he both rhymes and produced, so it seems, a proper follow-up is already in-the-works.

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