Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Deep of 2 Hungry Bros. Unveils Depth Perception, Vol. 3 Tape Pre-order On 77 Rise Recordings/ HiPNOTT Records (Beat-maker Bedrock #10)

"Deep of 2 Hungry Bros. is often known as the crazy and ExperiMENTAL half of NYC's Lower East Side production duo. Deep has produced beats for songs that feature artists such as: Tanya Morgan, Breez EvahFlowin', Reef Tha Lost Cauze, Homeboy Sandman, Fresh Daily, Cella Dwellas, Substantial, and many more. Deep often DJ's parties now, as well as radio show, Living Envious Styles, on Sunday afternoons from 2-4:00pm on 8BallRadio. He has released three instrumental albums on HiPNOTT Records: What You Leave Behind, Bushwick Beatfeed, and Family Recipe. He also expanded his beat tape empire into The West with 77 Rise Recordings' label dropping three sold out beat tapes, Depth Perception Vol. 1-2. Volume 3 is set to drop this November. All of his albums can be found on all digital retailers and streaming services, as well as on Bandcamp."

I. DJ Shadow - Entroducing..... (1996)

"So, I wrote my high school thesis on Clockwork Orange to DJ Shadow's Endtroducing..... I mean, I also had [Kool Keith & Dan The Automator's] Dr. Octagon on hand, but while immensely entertaining, I realized Endtroducing..... wasn't distracting. I had already begun to dig by '95-96, so to find this multi sample-layered concoction was thrilling. Besides, my mentor Fred Ones telling me that the producer was a self-sustaining asset in Hip-Hop, this was the proof I needed to pursue."

II. Domino on Del The Funky Homosapien - No Need for Alarm (1993)

"Being a New York City, L.E.S. [Lower East Side] NATIVE, it sometimes shocks people to find some of my biggest influences come from The West. Domino—not "Sweet Potatoe Pie" or "Getto Jam" Domino or the pizza—inspired me to keep my sounds HEAVY! His production on [Del The Funky Homosapien's] No Need for Alarm still moves me 'til this day. I was so happy to meet him at Scribble Jam in '06. His knack for sampling the wildest Jazz basslines and in-your-face drum programming is unmatched!"

III-IV. The Beatnuts - The Beatnuts: Street Level/Stone Crazy (1994-97)

"OK, so, being a Puerto Rock or "Nuyorican," I could not NOT be influenced by the sampling ingenuity of the prolific Beatnuts. On the self-titled Beatnuts later, labeled Street Level [or sometimes, The Beatnuts: Street Level], those Lou Donaldson drums banged. The Funk samples were flipped so well.

But then, in Stone Crazy, [The Beatnuts] also showed us that we can get our samples from The Electric Prunes and Latin records. They may have before, but it was more prevalent and sinister here. All their beats had a MOTIVE and sometimes, an alibi. It inspired me to make sure my production stayed driven by a particular intent or emotion. I hope this piqued everyone's curiosity into what makes me tick in the record shop, Salvation Army, thrift shop, and then, later, my MPC-4000. Check me out at:"

Depth Perception, Vol. 3 is the the third installment of 2 Hungry Bros. producer Deep's on-going instrumental series. Earlier this week, Depth Perception III became available for pre-order on 77 Rise Recordings and Tanya Morgan's HiPNOTT Records and within a matter of hours, 25 limited edition "Blue Tint" and 25 "Purple Tint" cassettes had nearly sold out, just as fast as they had become available. "Deep provides a grim and brooding soundtrack to accompany those watching the decline of nations, while eating Cracker Jacks or enjoying a breakfast cereal. Part 3 of the Depth Perception trilogy should put the L.E.S. beatsmith on your radar for hard beats and engaging loops and chops. The hard-working Nuyorican delivers, yet again," Deep himself further detailed on Bandcamp. His most recent release, prior to Depth Perception III, was critically-acclaimed Bring Out Your Dead with emcee Breez EvahFlowin' and executive producer Dirt E. Dutch AKA DEEP BREEZ. Deep is currently prepping an album with "Wu-Tang Clan OG" Popa Wu protege REDBAREN907 titled UNBREAKABLE. He plans to join forces with German-based label ORIGU (or "Our Label,") who previously released DEEP BREEZ's "Project Draw" 2x7-inch, to issue a series of both Deep and 2 Hungry Bros.-produced 7-inch singles in the coming moths; first and foremost, ORIGU will release LiKWUiD's upcoming single "Hold That (Faybles)" with The Earthtone King & Donwill b/w "iLLFAYTED" featuring DJ Evil Dee on the cuts. Depth Perception, Vol. 3 is still currently available for digital album pre-order ahead of its Friday, November 10th wide release. 77 Rise's 25 Blue/25 Purple tinted Depth Perception, Vol. 3 cassettes are now effectively SOLD OUT, at the time of this article's publishing.

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