Thursday, October 31, 2019

All-around Breakdown: David "Big D" McWane Breaks Down Big D & The Kids Table's Strictly Covered (Punk/Ska Covers Comp.)

"Strictly Covered: Big D usually writes an EP in-between writing LP's, so that you can get the gears moving and begin your creative process. This time, however, we decided to do a covers record for fun. These are a collection of songs we have been inspired by though out the years."

- David "Big D" McWane (@david_mcwane1)

1. "Dr. D" (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones)

"I believe, "Dr. D" is the best example of fast, fun, spastic Skacore. It's a blast! The Might Mighty Bosstones began to play a Swing-style [version] of this song live, so we added parts of that at the end of the original. The Doped Up Dollies joined us for the Swing bit. I love this tune and it was prefect for the first track, as it has all the elements, later, found through out the record."

2. "Yellin' In My Ear" (Operation Ivy)

"Operation Ivy would, probably, be the #1 influence of Big D. A few weeks back, we played this live in Chicago for fun with J [Jason Navarro] from The Suicide Machines and it sounded so good we added it to the record. J sounds so great and it's an honor to sing an Operation Ivy song with him."

3. "SKA Sucks" (Propagandhi)

"This was recorded for a Fat Wreck [Chords] compilation/documentary that I don't know if came out. We had a good time being cheeky in the last verse, as the song is cheeky itself. This was a very fun tune to sing on. We, also, enjoyed playing the middle part of The Specials' "Message to You, Rudy" more in their original style."

4. "Old Friend" (Rancid)

"This was recorded for a Rancid tribute record. The Doped Up Dollies joined us for the chorus and outro Dub part. They sound perfect on this track. I was pumped to finally put some samples I had had for many years on this one track and the Dub outro is a blast."

5. "Brand New" (Beastie Boys)

"Beastie Boys are, actually, my favorite Punk band, so we had to add a song from them. Their EP, Aglio e Olio, is just the best. This, like most of the tunes, was played live with live vocals and with no click track and that's [always] much more fun."

6. "Punk Rock Girl" (The Dead Milkmen)

"I always preferred this style of Punk, too; I call it "Snot-Punk." It's fun and dorky and perfect. This is one wonderfully-crafted songs."

7. "Freeze Up" (Operation Ivy)

"We had played all of Operation Ivy's Energy [live] in Canada at Amnesia Fest in 2015, so we added a bunch of Op Ivy tunes to the record, as we knew and loved playing the tunes. I believe, this is the fastest, most wordy songs from Jesse (Op Ivy singer,) so as a fan, I really wanted to learn it perfectly and execute it. It's like borrowing a super-power."

8. "Earthquake & Fire" (Hepcat)

"This was for a Hepcat comp. We figured everyone would probably [just] play their songs in the SKA style, so to changed it up and made it Thrash/Punk/Dub. I love the track. I got to play cowbell on it."

9. "Shoot The Moon" (Voodoo Glow Skulls)

"Voodoo Glow Skulls are not only the best, but the nicest guys. We HAD to play this gem. The lyrics are frightfully clairvoyant."

10. "Early to Bed" (Morphine)

"If you don't know who Morphine is, well, you just found your new favorite band. Listen to Like Swimming first. I have always liked bands that write songs that are the sounds of their soul. And Morphine songs are definitely the sound of singer/bass player, Mark Sandman's soul. You can really create outstanding music, once you stop trying to write songs for unneeded catchiness/write what you think the public wants to hear. The Doped Up Dollies did outstanding singing this."

11. "Infernal Machine" (Sam Black Church)

"Sam Black Church is the best Hardcore band in the world and "Infernal Machine" is the best Hardcore song ever. Vocally, this was a beast, but one should not expect anything less from Jet (singer.) The lyrics are outstanding. They are an extreme self-awareness plea to oneself."

12. "Healthy Body Sick Mind" (Operation Ivy)

"This is another fun Op Ivy tune. The lyrics are right up my alley and it's an [all-]around fun song."

13. "Thieves" (Ministry)

"F**kity-f**k, this song is intense! The lyrics are incredibly powerful. It, also, has the best, most bouncing, breakdown ever. This recording was, actually, from the split 7-inch we did with Japanese Noisecore band, Melt Banana. Yako, their singer, is my #1 hero. If you have never seen Melt Banana live, you must!"

Big D & The Kids Table is...

David McWane - Vocals, Samples, Percussion, Dubs
Alex Stern - Guitar, Vocals, Piano
Ben Basile - Bass Guitar, Upright Bass
Alex Brander - Drums
Ryan O’Connor - Saxophone, Vocals
Jon Degen - Saxophone
Logan La Barbera - Trombone, Vocals
Paul E. Cuttler - Trombone
Casey Gruttadauria - Keys

Featuring The Doped Up Dollies:

Sirae Richardson
Brie McWane
Erin MacKenize

Special Guests:

J Navarro - Vocals on "Yellin' In My Ear"
Todd Horvath - Vocals on "Dr. D"
Benny Grotto - Vocals on "Infernal Machine"

Recorded By: Benny Grotto at Mad Oak Studio in Allston, MA
Mastered By: Jeff Lipton & Maria Rice at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA
Manufactured By: Disc Makers
Graphic Design By: Yoyoyosef (@yo_yo_yosef)
Bathroom Tags, Stickers & Illustrations By... Artists Whom Have Visited The Bathroom at Charlie's Kitchen in Cambridge, MA

* Recorded & Mixed By: Jon Graber, Drums By: Derek Davis
** Music [Recorded] By: Jon Graber, Vocals Recorded By: Benny Grotto, Mixed By: John Graber, Drums By: Derek Davis
*** Drums By: Derek Davis

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