Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Punk/Hardcore On Wax: Under Attack Unleash Frantic Debut 7-inch & Digital EP Through The Blade (IRON LUNG Records)

Honestly, while often used, the notion of a "super-group" is basically, a moot point in the world of Punk/Hardcore. According to LEXICO Powered by OXFORD, a "supergoup" is defined as "An exceptionally successful Rock group or one formed by musicians already famous from playing in other groups." But, again, this oft-used notion doesn't really exist in the worlds of Punk, Hardcore, and their related sub-genres; I say this because, nearly every Punk/Hardcore band goes through a rotating cast of musicians, who have, more times than not, previously played in other mildly successful/revered groups. For example, Glenn Danzig's post-Misfits/pre-Danzig Horror Punk band, Samhain, famously included, at one point or another, members of The Misfits, Agnostic Front, Warzone, Murphy's Law, Ministry, Reagan Youth, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, and Run-D.M.C. Although, regardless, it's always fun to do a little digital sleuthing and dig into the "Past members" section for your favorite Punk/Hardcore band!

Under Attack is a Richmond, Virginia-based Hardcore/Crust Punk consisting of frontman Alex Copeland, guitarist Mark Telfian, bassist Jason Hodges, and drummer Dave Witte. Together, Under Attack's members either are actively or were once in Neheman, Locus Factor, New Millennium's End, Suppression, Human Remains, Discordance Axis, Municipal Waste, Eucharist, Devoid of Faith, Limp Wrist, By The Throat, Bermuda Triangles, Kojak, Rectal Pus, and many, many more. "Under Attack was formed out of four old Richmond, Virginia friends, who found the need to play punishingly brutal Hardcore Punk and get back to the D.I.Y. roots from which they all came," reads their press kit. Legend has it, drummer Dave Witte initially bumped into soon-to-be bassist Mark Telfian one fateful day, while Mark was eating at Dave's food truck, Go Go Vegan Go. "[They] both talked about a mutual desire to play music as aggressive as Negative Approach with some faster elements, like Capitalist Casualties." Under Attack's final line-up was later secured in early 2019 with the addition of guitarist Mark Telfian and bassist Jason Hodges.

Before long, Under Attack self-released their own self-titled 5-song demo, which has already been re-pressed and re-released on cassette a whopping four times on the Vinyl Conflict Label in the US and Autoreverse Tapes & Records in Holland. Now, Under Attack have returned with their first proper release, a 7-inch/digital EP entitled Through The Blade, which was issued on IRON LUNG Records just this past August. Through The Blade is a quick, 6-song burst of an EP, which is over and done in a matter of 8 frantic minutes and 9 seconds. However, it's a great display of what these four "aging" Punks can still do and it sounds like this is only the beginning; Under Attack, also, have a split 7-inch planned to drop before year's end with legendary Dutch Hardcore band, Seein' Red. Amazingly, it sounds like Alex, Mark, Jason & Dave, somehow, have even more pre-recorded material stockpiled for a proper 12-inch full-length, although, aren't in any hurry to rush release it. "It'll come out when we've figured out label stuff and when we all feel the time is right..." Mark Telfian explains. Under Attack's Through The Blade EP is currently available digitally, as well as 7-inch vinyl on Seattle-based IRON LUNG Records.

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