Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hip-Hop Nancy Sinatra: Lana del Rey - "National Anthem" (Das Racist H&M Remix)

For some odd reason, I just feel that a Das Racist-fried Lana del Rey remix really isn't going to need much "hard selling" 'round these parts of town [The Internet]. Das Racist are without a doubt one of my favourite Hip-Hop bands; I'm still not too sure exactly how I feel about Lizzy Grant I mean, May Jailer er, uh... Lana del Rey. Regardless, "National Anthem" (Das Racist Remix) should manage to pique the interest(s) of all sorts of music fans far and wide! Heems & Kool A.D. work their lyrical "magic" over a stripped down, nearly vocal-less re-worked beat. Frantically bragging about everything from money/rupees to Bruce Willis and somehow working in mentions of Lil B, Tyler The Creator, Bad Brains, Boy Crisis, Diplo, Oscar The Grouch, deadmau5, and Amy Winehouse.

* Shouts to Pedro (Daplib) @ Illuminati Zone for the "Private" Soundcloud link hook-up!

Lately, it seems like Lana del Rey, who also recently linked up on-screen with A$AP Rocky for "National Anthem"'s music video, really has an affinity for Hip-Hop these days... and it's gotta be the first officially sanctioned Das Racist track in a long time - I guess since "Michael Jackson" (August 2011). Miss del Rey will most likely get some much-needed extra publicity for her recently released debut album, Born 2 Die. Team LDR also announced on Tuesday afternoon that Lana has signed her first major modeling deal with H&M for their Fall/Winter 2012 line. Fashion ads and commercials should start to materialize sometime around September. I'd honestly expect to hear a new album from Das Racist in late 2012-13, cause those dudes seem to be recording new tracks non-stop!?

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