Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stop What'cha Doin, Cause I'm About to Ruin!.. Captain Murphy - "The Ritual" (Jay Electronica)

"The Ritual" is the latest released track from mysterious and already infamous rapper, Captain Murphy, who's true identity is still largely unknown - Even with 3 pretty STELLAR tracks nestled under his belt this early! Murphy first appeared with a brief verse on Flying Lotus' second Adult Swim single, "Between Friends;" Since it's July 23rd release, Captain Murphy's identity has quickly become quite the "hot topic" across Hip-Hop... He may or may not be a cleverly-crafted alter ego of either Flying Lotus, Earl Sweatshirt, or Tyler, The Creator. This whole mystery ego thing really reminds me of Quasimoto, King Geedorah, and even Humpty Hump [1990].

While "The Ritual" actually swiped it's primary beat from "Dear Moleskine" (Jay Electronica), his other 2 tracks: "Mighty Morphin' Foreskin" and "Between Friends" seem to be [mostly] original compositions. iTunes' Info section seems to label the album title as Du∆lity and I guess it's pretty safe to assume that Captain Murphy is signed to Flying Lotus' own imprint, BRAINFEEDER. "The Ritual" was uploaded online along with a simple music video, which includes looping animation of a face-melting Rick Ross/skull character. But one all-important question still remains un-answered: WHO THE F*CK IS CAPTAIN MURPHY!?

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