Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Represent The Stripes: Action Bronson & Party Supplies - "Midget Cough" (Olympics Mixtape)

Just in case you didn't already know, the 2012 Olympic Games kick off "across the pond" [London] this upcoming Friday night. In honor of the 2 week-long sporting event(s) and related festivities, Mick Boogie teamed up with Hypetrak to piece together Represent The Stripes; an 18-track mixtape partially inspired by adidas Originals' recently unveiled #represent campaign. "Midget Cough" features a hand-crafted beat from Party Supplies that slithers under a bunch of crazy-ass Action Bronson rhymes. Sonically, it sounds like either a Blue Chips left-over and/or an early preview of Blue Chips 2. But God only knows where this one will finally end up!

Man, I gotta admit, nearly all of Party Supplies' beats on Blue Chips were top-notch and Action Bronson really shone through all those damn guest rappers spread across Respect The Fly Shit (Meyhem Lauren) just a few months back. "Midget Cough" somehow manages to effortlessly reference everything from Def Leppard to Russian mistresses. Respect The Stripes is out now, just in time for your pre-Olympics PARTIES ... and it houses new tracks from Kids These Days, Rapper Big Pooh, Mike Jaggerr & STS, Blended Babies, Slum Village, and Michael Uzowuru. "AMERICA, FUCK YEAH!"

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