Monday, July 9, 2012

MOSHOLU Hardcore: Das Racist Meets Talib Kweli (Eastern District Comp.)

From what I can tell, MOSHOLU seems to consist of a pretty solid mix of new/old, previously unreleased, and re-hashed music. Eastern District even managed to conjure up some of New York's finest young Hardcore Punk, Hip-Hop, and Psych-Rock bands for inclusion on their recently-issued comp., which was released sometime over July 4th Weekend. Aside from a couple STELLAR Das Racist-fueled collabo tracks (Talib Kweli & Spank Rock), MOSHOLU features plenty of other great new artists/bands... that even a "savvy" blogger like I had never heard of: Fast Years, Telli Federline, Kenneth Whaulm III, The Wellington Papers, Michael Alan Alien, Viennagram, Gunfight!, and plenty more.

MOSHOLU basically plays out like a classic 1975-80's Hardcore Punk comp. where you really just pick it up for 3-5 bands and wind up discovering 15-20 new ones by the time the final track plays out; It would probably remind a lot of kids from our generation of Atticus, Hellcat, or Warped Tour comps. - both format and content-wise. Self-described as a "Hip-Hop/Punk/Psychedelic compilation spawned from the bowels of Bushwick, Brooklyn," a MOSHOLU Press Release details that it all started "in the bathroom of Eastern District Gallery a few months ago, with Kool A.D. and production by Ghostdad (Win Win)."

Eastern District uploaded the DELUXE No DJ version of said 15-track mixtape and that's now up for download over @ INDY livemixtapes, along with a black-and-white music video for Rap Gang's submission, "Whistle Blower" ... and I'd definitely recommend picking up Fast Years' debut release, Women EP over @ Bandcamp for just $5; It's a nice mix between The Black Keys' unique blend of Blues-based Rock and The Strokes' signature Pop-driven "Post-Punk Revival" stylings!

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