Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Battles - "Ice Cream" (CANADA)

Battles is an "Experimental Rock" band formed in 2002 and based out of New York City. The promotional push for their forthcoming album -- Gloss Drop (Warp, June 7th) -- was kick-started yesterday with the unveiling of a BRAND NEW music video... "Ice Cream" features the vocal talents of Techno producer, Matias Aguayo.
Battles' line-up currently consists of Dave Konopka (bass/guitar/effects), Ian Williams (guitar/keyboards), and John Stanier (drums). Founding member and [occasional] singer, Tyondai Braxton parted ways with Battles in 2010. As a result, Gloss Drop's vocal tracks were reportedly laid down by the likes of Gary Numan ("Cars") and... members of Blonde Redhead and Boredoms.

The ridiculously goofy and quick-cutting, yet Summery "Ice Cream" visual was directed by CANADA - A Barcelona-homebased production team. Behind the veil, the collective is made up of Luis Cerveró, Nicolás Méndez, and Lope Serrano... as well as "Alba" and "Ocsar." Additional info on CANADA's roots are sparse, since their website text is most written in Spanish. Note-worthy credits include: El Guincho - "Bombay" (Nicolás), Two Door Cinema Club - "What You Know" (Lope), and Scissor Sisters - "Invisible Light" (Nicolás). Their back catalog of nearly 20 clips, can be viewed over @ lawebdecanada's vimeo page.

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