Tuesday, May 17, 2011

"Fucked Up: The Movie" (David Comes to Life)

"Hey, so here is a video that maybe explains a bit more of our motivations... In a clear and non-judgmental way. We really are mostly all being completely serious during this, it's kind of like a "Kayfabe moment" (or whatever), seeing as how the musical thing is mostly LEGIT. But it's the entire band identity up to this point [that] has been the actual thing that's needed clarification. But that will be for another time."

- Mike Haliechuk/10,000 Marbles (AKA: "HIDDENWORLD" @ Looking for Gold)

Fucked Up's "Rock Opera," David Comes to Life, is out June 6th (United Kingdom) and June 7th (America) by way of Matador Records.

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