Saturday, May 28, 2011

WRECKING SHIT! with Justice & Edouard Salier ["Civilization" Edition].

Gaspard Augé & Xavier de Rosnay's "Civilization" - A Release Timeline

Mid-2010: Rumors of new music begin to circulate...
March 14, 2011: Pure existence of new tracks confirmed.
March 16: "Adidas Is All In" ad series debuts nation-wide.
March 28: Audio file, as ripped from viral video(s), leaked.
March 29: "Civilization" digi-single (iTunes Global Store).
March 30: 11-second "Civilization" Teaser clip uploaded to YouTube.
April 4: Physical Ed Banger vinyl single released.
April 16: Demo included within Record Store Day release - The Bee Sides (Mini-Album).
May 27: Edouard Sailer-directed/Ali Love-feat. (vocals) music video debuts online.
June 6: Single re-release... Remix EP with edits from Mr. Oizo & The Fucking Champs.
TBA 2011: Justice LP#2 unleashed!

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