Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dan Deacon & National Geographic - "Suprise Stefani" (moving picture)

Prolific Electronic artist, Dan Deacon is currently stationed out of Baltimore, MD. Something like his 12th overall release, Deacon's latest album -- Bromst (LP #5) -- was issued by way of Carpark Records, back in 2009.
A music video for "Surprise Stefani" was released a short while ago on vimeo (May 1). With images culled from the pages of National Geographic, the 8-minute long visual was Produced by Montréal's own Newfoundland Tack, [Art] Direction by Andrew de Freitas and Mathieu Arsenault.

Without signs of a new album on the horizon, Deacon just recently let loose a weird eccentric, 17-minute short film; "Hilvarenbeek" was named after the Netherlands town in which it was shot... and was created [in part,] for their 2010 Incubate Festival. Dan Deacon-ized backing track(s) included. Check it out, if you please, over @ Pitchfork (compliments of Larry Fitzmaurice).

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