Friday, October 25, 2013

Busdriver, Open Mike Eagle & Jeremiah Jae - "Elephant In The Pressroom" (Hellfyre Club)

"New singles off Dorner vs. Tookie by Hellfyre Club are up [at Soundcloud]. There's "Qualifiers" with Open Mike Eagle; Then "Manchester" with Milo, myself, and Nocando; and today, "Elephant In The Pressroom" with Mike Eagle, myself, and our special guest, Jeremiah [Jae] on the beat and guest verse" read an impromptu Hellfyre Club web-update, via busdriverr's Instagram feed. "Elephant In The Pressroom" is rumored to be included as a bonus track on Hellfyre Club's upcoming label-wide compilation (November 5th) and it's almost like an ├╝ber-relevant Hip-Hop track; making clever lyrical mention of Breaking Bad, Kendrick Lamar, human train-wreck Miley Cyrus, Mike Tyson, and somehow flawlessly compares game-changer "Control" to Pokemon. It's almost like Hellfyre's call-to-arms because big ticket "mainstream" rappers should really be terribly afraid of these guys!

Founded by Nocando around February 2010, Hellfyre Club is essentially a functioning loose collective of Underground Hip-Hop misfits and a sub-imprint of Alpha Pup Records. Their collective Facebook page lists it's members by release as Intuition, E.SUPER, Bomb Zombies, Open Mike Eagle, Rheteric Ramirez, Flash Bang Grenada (Busdriver & Nocando), Self Jupiter & Kenny Segal are... The Kleanerz, Milo, Taurus Scott, and KAIL. It's expected that the bulk of Hellfyre Club's members, associates, and newcomers will likely all be included on Dorner vs. Tookie, which will see a wide release in a matter of a few weeks, November 5th. "Werner Herzog" [above] is an incredibly glitched stand-out track from Busdriver's 2012 EP, Arguments with Dreams; once again, it features buddies Open Mike Eagle & Nocando, and just might end up re-appearing on Dorner vs. Tookie!

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