Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Downtown Records Presents: White Denim - "At Night In Dreams" (Corsicana Lemonade)

It turns out that "At Night In Dreams" is the absolute Fuzz-Rock romper of a track that White Denim briefly teased along with Corsicana Lemonade's initial release announcement (uploaded back in August). Sans lyrics at that point, "At Night In Dreams" was chopped up throughout Michael Hammett, James Petralli & Aaron Weiss' behind-the-scenes Corsicana Lemonade mini-film. Anchored by a looping Space-Funk guitar line, frontman James Petralli (son of 1980-90's baseball player Geno Petralli) kinda has a wonderfully tortured-sounding, whiskey-soaked growl that could be likened to their "Modern-Rock" peers The Black Keys or Kings of Leon. White Denim previously unleashed a slightly deranged Frank Zappa & The Mothers-reminiscent music video for the album's quasi-lead single "Pretty Green" and quite honestly, on the sheer strength of the 2 aforementioned tracks... I'll definitely be picking up a copy of the Corsicana Lemonade CD/LP, which is conveniently now available for pre-order. But for the greater music-buying public, Corsicana Lemonade will become available this upcoming October 29th in a number of formats on Mos Def's former label home, Downtown Records.

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