Sunday, October 13, 2013

When The Doves Cry: Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL - "Breakfast Can Wait" (Daniel Curiel)

While Dave Chappelle is sadly nowhere to be found, "Breakfast Can Wait" features dancer/director/etc. Danielle Curiel masquerading as The Purple One. okayplayer really put it best... "When we put the teaser image (those lips, that eye!) out to our network and said "who's this girl impersonating Prince?" the answer we got back (from some people who should know) was: That's Prince's new girl!" It's seemingly a non-album online single, which marks Prince's first widely-released, proper music video since "Musicology" (2004). Somewhat surprisingly, "Breakfast Can Wait" was partially inspired by Dave Chappelle's imgenious Prince-bashing Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories sketch; wherein Eddie Murphy's brother and his friends got challenged, badly beaten, and schooled by Prince & The Revolution at a mid-80's pick-up basketball game.

"Breakfast Can Wait" is one of seven non-album Internet singles that have been released between 2012-13, since Prince's most recent album, 20Ten. 3RDEYEGIRL, Prince's all-girl backing band, help execute what web-writer Tom Breihan perfectly described as a "morning-sex Funk jam," complete with Soul-Funk guitar licks and a high pitched Camille-reminiscent [chipmunk] outro. While The Kid himself is noticeably absent, leading lady Danielle Curiel appears throughout the heavily choreographed music video as a sorta bizarro Purple Rain era she-Prince, who looks like a much prettier version of Chappelle as Prince ha. "Breakfast Can Wait," as well as eight additional fairly new Prince tracks are currently available at either Amazon, iTunes, or from The Site Formerly Known as for roughly $0.88.

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