Thursday, October 17, 2013

Death Grips Cast... Robert Pattinson & Colin Hanks In Short Film, "Misoneism!?" (Zach Hill)

"Zach Hill is currently wrapping up a short film he directed with an [original soundtrack] by DEATH GRIPS. The film is entitled Misoneism, is shot entirely in monochrome film, and follows the exploits of a young man forced into the underground prostitution business in Brazil. Starring Robert Pattinson and Colin Hanks, the film hopes to shed light on the matter in a shocking and abrasive way," reads a fragmented chunk of an interesting Pigeons & Planes post uploaded late Thursday afternoon. While a Pitchfork counter-post claims that "there is no short film directed by Zach Hill and starring Robert Pattinson," let's not forget... we're talkin' about a righteous Proto-Rap band here that's capable of leaking their own album along with private emails, generating countless self-shot music videos, staging elaborate pseudo-shows, and cancelling more tour dates than Axl Rose.

Colin Hanks reportedly told Consequence of Sound Thursday night that news of him working on a short film with Death Grips is basically, news to him. But honestly, all of this kinda seems like an elaborate, multi-layered media hoax that'd be right up the band's alley. As per the purported press release, Thirdworlds (Caroline Records) will supposedly help distribute a limited number of Stefan "MC Ride" Burnett's upcoming visual art-book, Hill's Misoneism short film, a companion Death Grips-crafted soundtrack (including new track, "Birds"), and curate an eventual one-off screening at Sacramento's very own Guild Theater. Looks like the ultimate proof or dis-proof concerning drummer Zach Hill's 1970's-inspired Robert Pattinson/Colin Hanks-assisted short film will be unveiled once a 2 minute trailer is[n't] released to their recently wiped clean Tumblr "very soon;" at this pint, it'd be pretty dumb NOT to release "Misoneism," especially after this recent fire-storm of press!

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