Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Return of G-Funk: 7 Days of Funk - "Faden Away" (Snoop Dogg & Dâm-Funk)

Snoop Dogg [or Snoop Lion] has somehow become such an instantly recognizable public figure, that even my 80-something-year-old grandparents are familiar with him. Long before his Reggae-Rap rebirth or Wiz Khalifia-assisted film soundtrack, Snoop Doggy Dogg was one of the earliest pioneers of 1980-90's West Coast "G-Funk;" It's essentially, a long-forgotten trunk-rattling Parliment-Funkadelic-sampling sub-genre of Hip-Hop that was largely produced by either Dr. Dre, Too $hort, or DJ Quik. After a few months of vague social media rumblings, Stones Throw revealed that Snoop Dogg secretly teamed up with Pasadena mega-producer and Funk revivalist Dâm-Funk to recorded an album under the group name 7 Days of Funk. It's kinda mind-boggling that NO ONE has already used that as a nom de plume [title] for something until now!?

Stones Throw quietly uploaded "Faden Away" along with the semi-cryptic Facebook message: "NEW MUSIC: Two of our favorite artists (we'll let you guess the names) in an all-new collaboration, Here's a sneak preview" late Tuesday afternoon. I think it's such a near-perfect Funk-Rap track because both Snoop & Dâm have spent the better part of the past 25+ years perfecting their separate rapping/production skills! While further release details are still pretty scarce, I'd imagine 7 Days of Funk's eventual album will most likely be a Stones Throw/VICE Records joint venture; Label-head Peanut Butter Wolf recently told Shots Fired (Podcast #41) that 7 Days of Funk will be coming out whenever Dâm-Funk & Snoop Dogg felt like unleashing it. For those curious as to what the impending "G-Funk revival" might sound like, I'd strongly recommend checking out Snoop Lion and Dâm's most recent albums, the Major Lazer-produced Reincarnated and Higher with Steve Arrington.

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