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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

THIS IS FOR SURE BETTER THAN GRAVITY: Tyler, The Creator - "Tamale" (Answer Outro)

Leading up to it's 9pm/12 midnight (eastern) online debut Monday night, "Tamale" was being billed as "A VISUAL INTERPRETATION OF TYLER'S MIND." What ended up coming out is a pretty trippy music video, especially from a guy who's supposedly drug and alcohol free; once again, directed under Tyler The Creator's oft-used Wolf Haley alias, "Tamale" features quick-strike cameos from Pharrell, Trash Talk frontman Lee Spielman, Shane Powers, and Odd Future affiliate Lucas Vercetti. Tyler The Creator was seemingly inspired by Diplo's TWERK-friendly brand of Dubstep, "Bubble Butt" in particular. He's seen bouncing on model Bria Myles' butt like a trampoline in one brightly colored scene... we also see a real-life recreation of one of WOLF's 2 alt. covers, some hi-jinx on a golf course, Tyler riding a giant kitty, underwater pool aerobics, Chappelle-reminiscent "white face," and blurred scenes that might just allude to a supposed beef with Spike Lee.

But once "Tamale" has run it's natural course, the video shifts focus to yet another WOLF album cut, "Answer;" for a slightly more mellow and subdued treatment that's further assisted by buddies Pharrell & Lucas Vercetti. Tyler The Creator, Pharrell (drums), and Vercetti (guitar) meld together a quick little Hip-Hop-infused Soft Rock ditty that's slightly emo[motional] and largely delivered through a microphone strewn across a dusty old couch. While WOLF has been out since April, it's companion Wolf Haley-directed mini-movie is supposedly on the horizon, as well. "F*CK THIS MOVIE OMG, F*CK NOW I'M GONNA BE DEPRESSED THIS SHIT SUCKS, F*CK YOU SANDRA [BULLOCK]... THIS IS FOR SURE BETTER THAN THE MOVIE GRAVITY," Tyler The Creator Tweeted early Tuesday morning upon "Tamale"'s initial release, seemingly bored and dissatisfied with Sandra Bullock & George Clooney's new movie (Gravity).

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