Friday, May 17, 2019

DEC 4 Unveils Dystopian Bob Sweeney-directed, Rolled Gold-produced "Sweet Fall" Music Video from Upcoming 4-track EP (Oxygen&Light)

"Sweet Fall" is a song I've had in my possession for, at least, six months now, as I received it literally days before my wedding. It's been a bit delayed on my end, as most coverage has been for the last few months because... well, life! Although, honestly, it might have just worked out this time because the accompanying Bob Sweeney-directed music video for "Sweet Fall" is out, now, too. DEC 4 is the newly-enacted project of Philly-based musician, vocalist, and lyricist Justin Zugerman (@zuwear_.) It appears as though Zugerman is, in fact, a childhood friend of both John Morrison & Josh "Indi" Leidy of the Serious Rap Sh*t podcast. After going on an indefinite hiatus from his long-time Psychedelic/Experimental/Hip-Hop project with Chris Grau, Oxygen&Light, Morrison & Leidy introduced DEC 4 to their friend and fellow Philly-based producer and multi-instrumentalist, Harry Metz, whom most of you may well know as Rolled Gold. Thus far, Metz has produced both as-yet-released DEC 4 tracks, "Trouble" and "Sweet Fall."

DEC 4 & Rolled Gold are, supposedly, working on a 4-track EP with Kilamanzego, as well, to tentatively be released in either June or July. So, now, we have the Bob Sweeney-directed music video for DEC 4's Rolled Gold-produced "Sweet Fall," which, for those who may not have heard it yet, sounds a bit like The Weeknd meets Nine Inch Nails. Sweeney has previously helmed extremely memorable videos for the likes of Queen of Jeans, Dewey "Dewey Decibel" Bryan Saunders, Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers, Nik Greeley & The Operators, Career Crooks (Zilla Rocca & Small Professor,) Moor Mother, Swift Technique, GRIFT COMPANY, and Moor Mother X Mental Jewelry. "Sweet Fall" was filmed in and around Justin Zugerman's own home in Northeast Philly, as well as a number of eerily vacant commercial buildings nearby; Sweeney & Zugerman collectively decided to shoot on digital film/cameras inside of his house and on Super 8 black-and-white film while outside, giving "Sweet Fall" an ominous, dystopian sort of feel. DEC 4 is currently finishing up his debut EP with Rolled Gold & Kilamanzego—and, potentially, maybe, even John Morrison—to be released sometime this Summer.

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