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Chicago Soul Legend Renaldo Domino Teams Up with Polish Producer xROB BLACK for "Never Thought" 7-inch & Music Video (Happy As A Lark)

"Renaldo Domino, one of the unsung heroes of Chicago Soul, is joined by six Chicago music veterans to unleash a groove explosion," reads the About Me section on The Renaldo Domino Experience's Facebook page. The Experience consists of Renaldo "Domino" Jones on vocals, Jason Larson on guitar, Kenn Goodman on keys, Ralph Baumel on bass, Joe Camarillo on drums, David E. Smith on saxophone, and Justin Amolsch on trumpet. Goodman & Smith previously appeared on "Lady (You Are My Woman)" B/W "Mercy On Me" from Pravda Records' 2017 7-inch as part of Renaldo Domino & The Imperial Sound. Renaldo Domino is a "Chicago Soul & Funk singer from "The Valley" around 49th & Forestville. He got his name because his voice was sweet like Domino Sugar," according to Mr. Jones' Discogs page. Domino originally released, at least, six 7-inch singles on Smash Records, Blue Rock & Twilight Records between 1967-71; Renaldo Domino then, seemingly returned to music-making around 2007 with "Not Too Cool to Cry" B/W "Nevermore" on Twilight and has since released a special 7-inch as part of Sincere/Numero Group's Eccentric Soul 45's series.

Now, Renaldo Domino has joined forces with Chicago-based "New/Vintage Jamaican" imprint, Happy As A Lark (HAAL) for his "Never Thought" 7-inch B/W Lone Ranger's "Think Again!" HAAL's Anthony "Nantee" Abbinanti explains, "when Poland-based Reggae producer xROB BLACK [Przemysław Kuwik] reached out to Happy As A Lark wondering about a collaboration, we immediately fell in love with an instrumental track he sent ominously titled "Majestic 12 Underground." xROB BLACK's submission was soon re-titled "Never Thought" and Abbinanti quickly reached out to unsung Chicago Soul/Funk legend Renaldo Domino, whom Happy As A Lark had "been trying to fit into the right project for quite some time!" Honestly, Renaldo Domino & xROB BLACK's "Never Thought" reminds me of similarly-named "Never Be Another You" (Reggae Remix) featuring El Michels Affair with Lee Fields, as released last year on Leon Michels & Danny Akalepse's Big Crown Records. Both Renaldo Domino's "Never Thought" & Lone Ranger's "Think Again!" 45's are currently available from Happy As A Lark—either together or separately—in a number of combo-packs featuring Gold & Silver Translucent Wax, Renaldo & Ranger Fridge Magnets, a 1-inch 45 adapter pin, 2 x HAAL Slipmats, and various standard black 7-inch packages on Bandcamp.


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