Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Japanese Hip-Hop Crew Drynage Orchestra (GG & Garahavi) Recruit Ed O.G. Affiliate Timid MC for "Forbidden Fruit" Music Video

From what I can gather, Drynage Orchestra is a Japanese Hip-Hop crew consisting of emcees Steez & Grow-D, as well as in-house producer GG. It appears as though there's, also, a group within the group, Garahavi, consisting of just Steez & Grow-D; "Garahavi takes their name from the classic Edo G[/Ed O.G.] song "I Got to Have It," which, when said in Japanese, sounds like "Garahavi."' Drynage Orchestra/GG & Garahavi's latest release, "Forbidden Fruit," features New York-based emcee Jaylon "Timid" Carter. Oddly enough, Timid has toured extensively with Ed O.G. and, actually, first met Grow-D & Steez a few years back while touring across Japan with Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs and his crew. Timid has shared the stage with the likes of Travis Barker & DJ AM, Warren G, Paul Wall, Jeru The Damaja, CunninLynguists, A-Alikes, Agallah of Dipset, and Pack FM. Carter has been fortunate enough to work alongside Hip-Hop heavyweights such as Mikey D (Mikey D & The LA Posse/Main Source,) Granddaddy I.U. Ed O.G. Lin Que (X-Clan/MC Lyte,) and Domingo.

In recent years, I've been getting a lot more submissions from Japanese-based artists, including Deathbomb Arc-signed Dos Monos, Japanese Salsa group BANDERAS, Third Man Records-affiliated Guitar Wolf, legendary Japanese Jazz drummer Takeo Moriyama, Mark de Clive-Lowe/Ronin Arkestra, and Ghostroads: A Japanese Rock n Roll Ghost Story, as well as a slew of Japanese Punk/Hardcore bands. Anyways, it looks like Timid recently took a trip back to Japan to film the companion music video for "Forbidden Fruit" along with GG, Steez & Grow-D across their native country. It's a truly unique, fun-loving music video directed by Steez of Garahavi starring Timid MC, Ms. AH HUH, Grow-D & Steez himself. Timid is even wearing a T-shirt, which reads "TIMID FEATURING Q-UNIQUE," an allusion to his own 2017 single, "who's to blame?" Drynage Orchestra & Timid's "Forbidden Fruit" does a great job of seamlessly blending/fusing together the worlds of Eastern & Western Hip-Hop—albeit, over a Soulful J Dilla-esque sample—and honestly, makes me want to delve deeper into Japanese Hip-Hop.

"I linked up with the fellas of Garahavi for their joint "Forbidden Fruit." Their man GG produced the track. I met these dudes a few years back while on tour on Japan. Check out the full video on YouTube. Search for "Garahavi Timid." Thanks to Ah Huh for the assist. | GarahaviのGrow-DとSteezとForbidden Fruitと言う曲の為に集まって共同した。GarahaviのGGと言う友達はビートをプロデュースした。何年前、この2人は日本のツアーで会った。ユーチューブでビデオを観て。Garahavi Timidを検索して。Ah Huhにもありがとう。"

- Timid (@timidmc1)

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