Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Find Mag's Bobby Obsy-designed "Chase The Grail" Limited Edition T-shirt/Sticker Pack (Remix EP Download Codes)

The Find "Mag" Magazine is an Amsterdam, Netherlands-based digital music publication founded and operated by Danny Veekens since 2007. Over the years, Danny & I have become pretty friendly, through social media, and definitely have a mutual admiration and respect for each other. In fact, our sites were amongst the first publications to cover Myrrow's Outlet (formerly TT5BR)'s Paul's Boutique-remixing BB PB EP and its recent follow-up, BB PB EP O. Following in line with our recent Punk/Hardcore merch feature, The Witzard's Best-Of Instagram: "Mommy, Can I... Buy These Punk/Hardcore Merch Oi!-tems?" we figured we do a little Hip-Hop/crate-diggin' merch feature, as well, for our good friends at The Find Mag. "The hunt for records never ends. No vinyl crate is safe. Our new T-shirt visualizes that: the art of crate-digging. Illustrated by beat-maker/designer Bobby Obsy (UK) in a 30's-style cartoon," reads The Find Mag's on-site description accompanying their Chase The Grail T-shirt. Only 35 shirts were made in a variety of sizes and colorways including, White Shirt/Black Print, White Shirt/Red Print, and Spectra Yellow Shirt/Black Print.

Danny Veekens was kind enough to send us an early test/slight "misprint" of the Black-On-White Chase The Grail colorway, along with 2 full-color die-cut stickers of the "Digger" and a complimentary Bandcamp download code for Chase The Grail Remixes. Bobby Obsy, who also, designed the shirts, is the man behind the atmospheric/entrancing Hip-Hop beats on Chase The Grail (Remixes.) It features 3 previously unreleased remixes of Wu-Tang Clan's "C.R.E.A.M." AKA "Cash Rules," Biggie Smalls' "Everyday Struggle" AKA "How It Feel," and Nas Escobar's "The World Is Yours" AKA "It's Yours." Here are 10 FREE Bandcamp download codes for Chase The Grail (Remixes) from The Find Mag exclusively for our readership here at The Witzard, which can be redeemed at Bandcamp. So, with that said, here are the 10 FREE codes, have a-go at 'em on a first-come-first-serve basis: p34s-jrw5, rdps-ydhr, hqlb-bhst, jbs5-wjcb, 9x4f-hysw, n4pl-53xs, lpfh-usmd, c6ws-e4yc, c3hp-3a2x, and cdeb-c7sq. Editor's Note: at press time, only 6 of 35 Chase The Grail T-shirts from the first limited run are still available directly from The Find Mag/Shop.

"Rather than going for "mass production" with bad shirts, we went for Fair-trade, chemical-free [shirts] silk-screened by a local studio here in Amsterdam and quality 100% ring-spun cotton. We all want our records in the best possible quality, so, then, why go for sh*tty shirts? So, even the execution in a very limited run fits the theme of crate-digging. We could've called it "The Near Mint Shirt," for that matter!

- Danny Veekens (@TheFindMag)

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