Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"After The Gold Rush:" Sugar Tongue Slim - #GOLDRUSH (Top 40 Roots Mixtape)

Sugar Tongue Slim (STS) is a criminally under-rated "Atlantadelphia"-bred rapper and honorary Roots Crew member. From what I can tell, his first recorded appearance was on The Roots' Indie Rock-tinged dark/light "concept album," How I Got Over (2010). STS additionally represents 1/5 of Money Making Jam Boys and his solo output [thusfar] includes: Demand More I-II, Sole Music EP, The Illustrious, and a gaggle of assorted Remixes & Indie Rock flips. After slowly leaking out short, weekly music videos over the course of the past few months, Sugar Tongue Slim finally unveiled his latest Starting Line-Up-produced mixtape effort earlier this morning: GOLD RUSH.

It's basically a collection of 15 Top 40 flips (2009-11), which are often slightly re-appropriated with STS' unique storytelling and acute Boom-Bap flourishes. STS and his team of certified in-house gold diggers [producers] hand-selected singles from contemporary artists such as Britney Spears, Gotye, Foster The People, Lady GaGa, Drake, Coldplay, Wale, and The xx. For all intensive purposes, GOLD RUSH is essentially a "nostalgic" look back @ 2011, the year which just passed roughly 2 months ago... Surf on over to Sugar Tongue Slim's web-space to download a personal copy of this completely FRESH/inventive 15-track collection, #GOLDrush.


  1. Sugar Tongue Slim is so dope! These are some nice flips and they make a lot of these songs listenable. STS is a creative dude. Inspired by his song of the same name, Da-What talked to him about his usual: "Women, Weed and What to wear" as part of their Top 10 to Watch For series. You guys should read it and let us know what you think!

  2. Sweet, thanks for the tip, Benja! Where are you from... and could I trouble to Follow {subscribe to] "The Witzard?" Stay well!