Saturday, February 11, 2012

In Search of... Creative Freedom: EdstanleY - "Out West" (Advance Demo CD, 9-Track)

Eventhough they're from Huntington Beach, CA, EdstanleY's brand spankin' new 9-Track Demo CD somehow manages to effectively channel the sheer angst and passionate, DIY nature of "D.C. Hardcore" (1980's Punk). I've personally known the guys for about a year now and it's been great to see them gradually progress and morph into what EdstanleY is today. Scott Gripe, Justin "Bobby" Brescia, and Dave Rees have been holed up in the studio these past few months; Steadily chipping away at what has now become this very LP-length demo [read: rough album]. Without giving too much away: EdstanleY Demo is the true audiofile embodiment of what this band really stands for... originality, sun-drenched Rock "N" Roll, peace, respect, and a good fucking time! Genre-wise, I'd say they fit somewhere between Nirvana and Metallica.

Following a few days of repeated listenings, my personal [albeit early] favorites from the advance I received include: "Devil Inside," "Just Another Reject," "Little Respect," and of course, "Out West." The latter of which is seemingly being pushed as the set's "lead single," for all intensive purposes. EdstanleY have been secretly cooking up a companion music video clip for "Out West" - assembled from various found footage... surf films, Jim Morrision, skate videos, bikini-clad montages, muscle cars rallies, cowboy flicks, 2pac, etc. It's a carefully planned ode to the all-important formative birthplace(s) of the band, Southern California, [Colorado & Oregon]. "Out West"'s unique, Lo-Fi video clip was pain-stakingly directed and edited by EdstanleY themselves.

EdstanleY are currently shopping 9-Track Demo CD around to various Indie labels, "industry" types, managers, and related parties. If you think you're a master of your craft and could possibly help Scott, Justin & Dave out in some sort of way, please hit the band up: or 323-309-7503 (Scott). Additionally, if you're based in the Huntington Beach area as well, you can catch EdstanleY at "Perq's on Main Street pretty much every Thursday night for the next few months!" A full list of upcoming shows can be found over at EdstanleYMusic and I bet that we'll all be hearing much, much more from these guys within the next few months!

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