Monday, February 6, 2012

Voodoo-Era D'Angelo DJ Remix: James Blake - "Left & Right" (Harmonimix 5)

It's fairly safe to assume that by now, most of us have heard about D'Angelo's well-received European "Comeback Tour" and impending, triumphant return after a 12-year self-imposed exile. This is your typical quick rise, great success... EPIC fall, drug problem, arrest(s), companion rumor mill, and long-awaited comeback story. I faintly can remember watching "Untitled (How Does It Feel)" on either MTV or The Box back in like 7-8th grade and not really knowing what to think. It was a suggestive music video which had potential to be pretty "scarring," but look how I turned out: Well-grounded and open-minded nonetheless ha. I can quite honestly say that D'Angelo was my first favourite R&B crooner!

Arguably the break-out "King of Dubstep" (2010-11), James Blake is roughly the same age as me and I bet he saw D'Angelo's batch of Brown Sugar-Voodoo era music videos on British TV, too. Anyways, fast-forward to present day... On the heels of D'Angelo's upcoming album, "James River" (2012), Blake recently got caught up in The Internet-based hoopla right along with the rest of us. For all intensive purposes, James Blake decided to express his immense joy, gratitude, and simply enough: "celebrate the return of the master."

Hey, I have to admit that Blake effectively cooked up a Dubstep-tinged, Neo Soul-inspired, mildly creepy Tribal remix of "Left & Right." The occasion marks the return of his Harmonimix moniker, which has been largely inactive since early 2010. James Blake is currently working on his second full-length, while D'Angelo seems to [finally] be plotting a proper comeback effort! Surf on over to The Roots' very own okayplayer for the latest D'Angelo & The Testimony-related updates.


  1. James Blake is the man. I can't wait for the new LP. It can't be long now!

  2. Yeah, I have a feeling this D'Angelo album's gonna be EPIC! I really feel like it's coming out soon... all the signs are pointing to "Yes!" Follow my blog and I promise to Follow yours in return? The support is much appreciated!