Wednesday, February 15, 2012

That Girl Is Poison: Whitney Houston - "When The Night Knows" (The Hood Internet Mash-Up)

In the wake of R&B/Pop songstress, Whitney Houston's untimely death this past weekend, an a cappella version of "How Will I Know?" from her self-titled debut (1985) seems to have emerged. Now a batch of aspiring young Dance producers have already started transforming Houston's vocal into their own unique, buzz-worthy edits for 2012. The particular remix featured here @ "The Witzard" is in fact a mash-up from The Hood Internet; In addition, STV SLV also made good use of Chromeo's infectious single, "When The Night Falls" [instrumental] from their 2010 Electro-Funk revival record, Business Casual.

The Hood Internet's not so cleverly dubbed bi-product, "When The Night Knows," which quite fittingly, now has an underlying air of "Ghetto Fabulous"-ness. Whitney Houston's sudden death really is a shame because not only did she make great long-lasting Pop music, she was somebody's mother, ex-wife, daughter, etc. But like a wise man once said, "Cocaine is a Hell of a drug!" and quite frankly, "Crack kills." Houston's drug problem and lavish lifestyle reportedly helped blow through her $100 million+ fortune, which was largely amassed during her 1980-90's heyday. Let us all remember the good times... highlights of Whitney Houston's music/film career!

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