Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tank-Top Ranking: Charli XCX for Fred Butler - "I'll Never Know" (Fashion Week, London)

Charli XCX is a young, 19-20 year old British songstress who's slowly gaining notoriety and managing to niche out her own unique genre: Goth [Dark] Pop. She has a semi-androgynous style that can be easily likened to that of Ziggy Stardust era David Bowie... and her fashion icons include Spice Girls, Wednesday Addams, and Winona Ryder from "Beetlejuice" (1988). Although she essentially self-released a full album back @ 14, Charli XCX has been garnering a lot of blog-love for her recent batch of singles and a proper 2012 debut is soon expected.

"I'll Never Know" was released just yesterday, in conjunction with the kick-off of London Fashion Week; Recently written and recorded @ Red Bull Studios, Charli XCX's tune was re-appropriated as the soundtrack to Fred Butler's "Tank Top-Ranking, Tongue-Tied & Twisted" runway show. Soundcloud is making Charli XCX's Tropical-tinged romp, "I'll Never Know" available for roughly 5 days (London Fashion Week). Charli XCX is currently working on her Pop Culture-inspired "Goth Pop" debut full-length along with Ariel Rechtshaid & Patrik Berger... so, eager fans really shouldn't have to wait too much longer for some fresh, new music!

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