Friday, February 3, 2012

Mad Decent Short Film: PO PO - "Teen Dreamz / Let's Get Away" (Clayton Vomero)

Since initially bursting onto the music scene in 2008-09, Philly Psych-Pop band PO PO has somehow mysteriously morphed from "family affair" (3 brothers) to the solo endeavor of remaining member, Zeb Malik. Regardless of "current events," PO PO have signed to home-bred label, Mad Decent and are gearing up to release their long-awaited debut album, DOPE BOY MAGICK. Labelhead Diplo and Nick Launay lent their production talents, but with such a tensured past, it's almost hard to tell how many bandmembers are ACTUALLY present on each specific recording. Zeb teamed up with [art] director, Clayton Vomero on Staten Island to produce the music video for "Teen Dreamz / "Let's Get Away" along with DOPE BOY MAGICK's featured artwork (Noah Conopask).

Stereogum debuted the new PO PO video yesterday afternoon, which for all intensive purposes... is a short film oddly rooted somewhere between the genres of gut-wrenching Horror and Romantic-Comedy. Up first, "Teen Dreamz" accompanies a masked Zeb Malik as he proceeds to coarse a seemingly unwilling model chick into the depths of the woods. The clip's frantic tone drastically shifts along with the musical selection as Song #2, "Let's Get Away" suddenly fades in just around the 3-minute mark. It's love @ first fright sight, backed by the track's chipper 8-bit harmonies.

Then, much to the viewer's immense surprise, Zeb & "Blondie" begin to engage in a weirdly [in]appropriate and yet quite oddly enough - a passionate embrace... and just like that, the short film suddenly comes to a close as "TO BE CONTINUED" scrolls across the computer screen. It seems as though "Teen Dreamz / Let's Get Away" is Part 1 in a series of planned short films, which Clayton Vomero is writing and directing to accompany PO PO's album. Make sure to pick up a copy of DOPE BOY MAGICK when it's finally released this coming Feb. 28th (Mad Decent).

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