Monday, February 27, 2012

Death Grips Sign to Epic Records, Release "Get Got" & Prep 2 New Albums (The Money Store)

Against all odds... Sacramento's very own Experimental Hip-Hop/Thrash Punk band, Death Grips have now dotted the "I"s and crossed the "T"s of a major label deal with Epic Records. MC Ride (Stefan Burnett) and his motley crew released their second single in just as many weeks, "Get Got" along with the titular announcement just yesterday afternoon. Death Grips previously revealed their plans to liberate 2 full-length albums throughout 2012 and now, we have the semi-complete details: The Money Store is slated for an April 24th release, which will be preceded by a limited-run vinyl pressing on April 21st [Record Store Day]... with No Love close behind and expected during Fall '12. Together, the pair of righteous records will act as the proper follow-up to Death Grips' exceptional genre-bending self-released mixtape, Ex-military (2011).

Death Grips' in-house producer, Andy Morin will seemingly step behind "the boards" once again, juxtaposed against Zach Hills' Animal-esque drumwork. The group's recent batch of digital singles, "Blackjack" and "Get Got" are expected to [re-]appear within The Money Store; Album #3, No Love will be unleashed sometime this upcoming Fall. I just really hope that Epic Records doesn't try to tone down and "commercialize" Death Grips' completely unique sound by bringing in some "mainstream" cats like Pharrell or Timbaland. Plus, I kind of get the feeling that a mildly aggressive dude like MC Ride probably doesn't take too well to direction, authority, moderation, etc. Keep your eyes/ears peeled and gauze handy, 'cause The Money Store and No Love are coming soon... to shred a blood vessel near you! Shit man, like Bon Scott once said, in the true spirit of Rock "N" Roll, "If you want blood, you got it!"

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