Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Converse Space-Funk Jam: Gorillaz, André 3000 & James Murphy - "DoYaThing" (Music Video)

I've been a hardcore music fan for about 10-15 years now; An admitted lover of all things Hip-Hop, Indie Rock, and Punk (Pop Culture). OutKast, Gorillaz, and LCD Soundsystem have been atop my list of favourite artists for some time and were quite arguably the 3 most eclectic musicians of the last decade! So, much to my delight it was pretty exciting to hear about Converse's latest "3 Artists, 1 Song" installment: Damon Albarn, André 3000, and James Murphy. "DoYaThing" premiered online earlier today, in conjunction with the release of 4 SPECIAL EDITION Jamie Hewlett-designed Gorillaz "Chucks."

Pitchfork's very own Ryan Dombal reports that while in the studio over 3 days back in September, the eclectic trio also recorded a Dirty 12-minute version of "DoYaThing" in addition to the [previously released] Radio Edit. Gorillaz are set to debut a companion music video and the long version online in the coming weeks. "DoYaThing" (short) and Jamie Hewlett's Gorillaz-themed Chucks are now available over @ Converse. Damon Albarn even hinted @ a future collaborative effort with André 3000 and Murphy: "If we'd have had 2 weeks, we could have made a whole record." - That sounds like just the project James Murphy could use to kick off his post-LCD Soundsystem career... Hey, where's that long-rumored and never materialized OutKast Album #7!? Albarn's latest project, "Rock Juice & The Moon" are gearing up their self-titled debut for a March 26-27th release.

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