Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Steve Jones Presents: Arctic Monkeys - "R U Mine?" (Non-Album Single, 2012)

3 righteous Sheffield, England blokes collectively known as "Arctic Monkeys" initially burst[ed] onto the music scene in early 2006 along with the release of Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. It's essentially a concept album that follows young club-goers, I can still remember picking up a CD [single] copy of "When The Sun Goes Down" @ Hot Topic ha... and the album eventually ended up becoming the fastest-selling debut in British history, even ahead of The Beatles' Please Please Me (1963)! Arctic Monkeys even seem to record @ a lightning-fast speed that's comparable to Classic Rock's figureheads; Alex Turner, Jamie Cook, Matt Helders, and Nick O'Malley have managed to release 4 albums and 2 EP's over the course of their 10-year career. All the while, recording material with various side projects, Punk bands, award-winning rappers, and deep in the desert with Josh Homme.

Arctic Monkeys quietly unveiled their latest music video-single, "R U Mine?" online early Monday morning. The Rock "N" Roll-tinged, stand-alone track was seemingly left off their most recent album, Suck It and See for unknown reasons. The black and white clip is aptly introduced by KQOQ [radio] DJ and former Sex Pistol, Steve Jones and chronicles a car ride en route to a "secret" Monkeys gig. Throughout the course of "R U Mine?" we see Alex Turner & Matt Helders ensue in a number of hi-jinx while driving: lip-synching, an air drum battle, rockin' sunglasses @ night, picking up masked hotties, and generally just goofing off. In it's final scene, Arctic Monkeys end up @ a shady-looking, pyro-assisted street-side gig. "R U Mine?" reminds me of the band's righteous, Punk Rock roots and maybe it'll end up on an eventual album that holds up against Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not. But for now, snag a copy of "R U Mine?" @ your local iTunes store and catch Arctic Monkeys on The Black Keys' continent-spanning tour (January-May).

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