Sunday, February 19, 2012

140 Characters or Less; a Twitter-view with Less Than Jake Bassist Roger Lima (@LessThanRAJ)

Feb. 17-18th... Wee hours of the morning, after Philly Less Than Jake show. Easily my 5-6th time seeing the band live and yet another wild night in Illadelphia: Troc, The Irish Pub, NJ train station, assorted antics and hi-jinx, [impromptu] post-show signing!

@SharpCheddar856: "Nice meeting you after the Philly show last night man! I run a blog... interview? Hit me up @ please."

@lessthanRAJ: "Just Tweet me individual questions... I'll try to be informative and savvy in 140 characters or less..."

(1) I personally love Anthem & Pezcore (cassette from my cuz)! What are your personal favoutite Less Than Jake (LTJ) albums?

B Is for B-side, GNV FLA, and The TV/EP.

(2) I'm all about Black Flag, Misfits, Fugazi, The Specials... What Punk/Ska bands have & continue to influence your guys' sound?

Descendents, Bosstones, Iron Maiden, Josie & The Pussycars (soundtrack), Weird Al.

(3) You play in a variety of bands - LTJ Rehasher & Greenhorn. Which instrument is your favourite to play & why?

Playing guitar and not singing would rule! I love playing drums, but with bass, you can control so much of the song #POWER.

(4) I noticed that you have dreadlocks ha. Would you say Reggae is an influence on LTJ's music? Any cerain bands specifically?

[Operation] Ivy, Bob Marley, Toots, [Dancehall Crashers], more upbeat than traditional Reggae. The fun show vibe, I feel we take from that world.

(5) Big fan of Indie Punk & Hip-Hop. What type of shit do you listen to in your free time? Anything that might surprise people?

Surprise! I like Les Paul, Mozart, Aerosmith, Steve Miller, Beastie Boys, [System of a Down], Beatles - Guilty pleasure = Katy Perry.

(6) I don't smoke, but I really dig the whole rolling papers/code combo! How'd you come up with that idea?

People don't buy CD's much, papers is an attempt to sell music with a useable "token." People can't download papers!

(7) Can we please talk a bit about LTJ's logo? Is he based off Elroy Jetson (Pezcore back)?

He is The Evolution Kid. From an old T-shirt we had. It had a regular looking dude, "Jake", an overweight dude "More Than.. Jake," and he was holding a Pez, energetic and alive, titled "Less Than Jake." We've heard he kinda looks like Chris, but... He's just supposed to be a mascot. PS - created by

(8) LTJ do a lot of great recorded and live covers! What are a few of your favourites to play?

"I Think I Love You," "Celebration" by Kool & The Gang, Animaniacs - Covers are fun to record, but we don't play them that much.

(9) Is LTJ planning to release an EP for each of the other seasons... following suit of Summer/Winter EP's?

Prob more EP's and singles, prob not the same theme. Maybe. LP? We may - time will tell!

(10) So, tell me a little about your Moathouse home studio/production company/label, man?

Moathouse is my recording studio. I've recorded the last few LTJ things there, Rehasher, and other bands -- I love recording... Just did the label to release that 'hasher record - Bands, let's make records!!

(11) Congrats on the 20-year anniversary! What's your craziest, most zany story from being on the road with LTJ?

Just surviving is the craziest story!! 20yrs goes by fast as fuck - Enjoy each day, kids. It [flies] by.

(12) Combo: Fav Hip-Hop artists/tracks? Best venues/bars across USA? Thanks for doing this Twitter-view, man! Any final words?

I like live drums too much to get into Hip-Hop. Beastie Boys still rule me... Oh, venues - The Rave in Wisco, most House of Blues, anywhere in Japan, and where ever we are playing tonight! ["Nice telescope... can you see Uranus?" Thanks, man.]

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