Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Brandon Dermer & Diplo Present: Major Lazer - "Scare Me" (Terry Crews Live-Action!?)

While Terry Crews has lent his broad-spanning acting talents to everything from The Expendables 1-2 to a recent Old Spice campaign, I think I personally enjoyed his portrayal of a teen-aged Chris Rock's relentlessly hard-working father on Everybody Hates Chris (2005-09) the best. Major Lazer, the lone robo-soldier of the zombie apocalypse and the brainchild of one Thomas Wesley "Diplo" Pentz, has been long-overdue for a righteous live-action mini-movie adaption. Crews stars alongside a very colorful cast of characters: Lauren London, Blake Anderson, Nick Kroll, and a menacing super-villain named General Rubbish. During his premier performance as Major Lazer, Terry Crews inflicts plenty of bloodshed, campy action, gun-arm violence, and general AWESOMENESS under Brandon Dermer's direction. Now, the actual track showcased in the music video, "Scare Me" features Peaches & Timberlee and appears on Diplo's second album released under his dreaded Dancehall alter-ego, Free The Universe (Secretly Canadian).

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