Thursday, August 15, 2013

Return of The Clipse: No Malice & Pusha T - "Shame The Devil" (Re-Up Records)

Although he doesn't even make an appearance until about 2:35 into "Shame The Devil," No Malice's new track marks the long-awaited reunion with his brother and former Clipse partner in crime, Pusha T; It's the first unofficial Clipse track since Gene & Terrence Thornton parted ways some 3-4 years ago to embark on separate solo careers. Since signing to Kanye's sprawling G.O.O.D. Music (DONDA) label/art-haus, Pusha T has largely kept in the same Coke Rap lane that Clipse pioneered back in the mid-90's; while Malice reportedly found religious solace, became a slightly more socially-conscious rapper, and for whatever reason, changed his emcee handle to "No Malice." These inner-band issues or creative differences are dually addressed on "Shame The Devil:" "Gene [Malice] found God, they thinking we at odds / Must ain't know my father, he ain't never spared a rod / Yuugh! It's two sides to a card / Just opposite ends of two peas in a pod" (Pusha T) and "Dudes is facades in this lane we pioneered / Now they can't wait til we drop, that's diarrhea / I found God, the rest found jail like Madea / That's what you get when you pumping that Britney Spears [coke?]" (No Malice).

The Dancehall-infused track will appear within No Malice's upcoming 17-track August 18th album Hear Ye Him, ahead of Pusha T's repeatedly pushed back album, My Name Is My Name. G.O.O.D. Music doesn't currently have a solid release date set, but it was last scheduled and then imminently delayed as recently as July 16th, and it was seemingly delayed due to sample clearance issues and to allow Pusha T & Kanye to "go back and tweak" a few minor aspects. Pusha T has recruited features and production work from The-Dream, Rick Ross, Future, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz & Big Sean, Kanye, Don Cannon, and Nottz... while No Malice roped in a slightly different cast of characters: Ab-Liva, Fam-Lay, Life Dutchee, Jaeson Ma, Jon Bibbs, S1, Chad Hugo, and !llmind. Once their solo albums have been properly released, promoted, etc. No Malice & Pusha T are rumored to be heading back into the studio together to write and record Clipse's long-awaited fourth album; "Yuugh!?"

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