Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Flying Lotus & Thundercat - "Aqua TV Show Show Theme" (Williams Street Records?)

It's been an ongoing quasi-real joke ever since season 8 of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2011) to seemingly change the series' overall name withe each impending new season: Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1, Aqua Something You Know Whatever, and now Aqua TV Show Show ha. Replacing the show's original, long-standing Schoolly D-penned title sequence, Brainfeeder buddies Flying Lotus & Thundercat have teamed up to produce a Jazz-infused 45-second "Aqua TV Show Show Theme." @flyinglotus recently Tweeted, "Frylock lookin' like @GASLAMPKILLER in the intro... [and that] The ending credits music is on some Silver Apples-isnpired shiieee." Thundercat's actual role is widely unknown at this pint, but the infamous Suicidal Tendencies metal-head more than likely continued some scorchin' bass licks!

The ATSS theme sequence is of course accompanied by a black-and-white 70's Soul-Funk-reminiscent animated clip; It stars Frylock, Master Shake & Meatwad as a few slightly more afro'd and dreaded Beatnik-looking musicians. Flying Lotus' menacing Hip-Hop alter-ego Captain Murphy kicks off the "Aqua TV Show Show Theme," which airs during Adult Swim on Sundays at 12 midnight. Flying Lotus/Captain Murphy have previously worked together with Cartoon Network in a number of various facets: Adventure Time originals, Williams Street Records, 2 annual singles program tracks, and the Adult Swim-backed "Zodiac Shit" video. Flying Lotus is currently working on a new Captain Murphy project, while Until The Quiet Comes and Apocalypse (Thundercat) were both unleashed earlier in 2012-13.

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