Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tyler, The Creator Presents: King Krule - "Easy, Easy" (True Panther Sounds)

Whether or not it's actually factual, Tyler, The Creator Tweeted: "LISTENING TO LIL B WITH KING KRULE. GAY HUMOR WITH EMINEM. "HOE CAKES" BY MF DOOM LIVE. ALL IN LIKE 72 HOURS. MY LIFE IS SO NASTY!" Saturday evening. It's also worth noting that Odd Future's semi-mysterious feliciathegoat Instagram handle posted a candid shot of Tyler, Earl & King Krule along with the caption, "OUT GETTING RIBS. GO GET KRULE'S NEW ALBUM, [6 Feet Beneath The Moon]." 19-year-old King Krule's just-released album definitely seems to have Tyler, The Creator's approval; Archy Marshall's debut album under the "King Krule" moniker was quietly unleashed on his birthday, August 24th, although he's released various projects under a few different now-retired monikers... Zoo Kid, Edgar The Beatmaker, and DJ JD Sports.

True Panther/XL Recordings unveiled 2 teaser singles earlier this month, "Easy, Easy" and "Neptune Estate" as well as a non-album track over the weekend, "La Luna." Out of the 3 aforementioned tracks, "Easy, Easy" is with a doubt the most single-worthy and it now has a properly-constructed music video (in contrast to "Neptune Estate"'s largely still clip). King Krule's voice and the overall feel of "Easy, Easy" almost immediately remind me of The Clash's Cockney-soaked, Dub-inspired 80's Punk Rock sound that's starkly accented by a grizly rapper-like swagger, honestly not a whole lot unlike Tone-Lōc. It's grainy Focus Creeps-directed music video features Marshall sporting a suit and tie, just dicking around South-East London with a buddy... climbing fences, hoppin' trains like vagabonds, dancing on roof-tops, and generally just acting like your average baritone-voiced teenager.

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