Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sampling Blur & Carly Simon: M.I.A. - "UNBREAK My Mixtape" (Interscope?)

While it's title could easily be a reference to Toni Braxton's similarly-titled 1996 smash-hit, M.I.A.'s latest [controlled] leak, "UNBREAK My Mixtape" almost seamlessly samples Blur, Carly Simon, Karen Dalton, and Fresh 4 in just under 5 minutes! After nearly a year of 2's-worth of delays and a single threatening Tweet, M.I.A.'s long-awaited fourth studio album Matangi is finally slated for a firm November 5th release. "UNBREAK My Mixtape" might just be The Internet's fifth taste of Matangi, succeeded by "Only 1 U," "Come Walk with Me," "atTENTion," and possibly even "Bad Girls" (2012). M.I.A. effortlessly floats in-between the rapidly-changing beat(s); lamenting about a lost love and a broken mixtape, "Here's a mixtape that I made, let's take a break... While I get my life sorted, here's a mixtape... What did I do for you to call me crazy?" M.I.A. seems pretty determined to release Matangi by November 5th with or without Interscope/XL Recordings' backing and at this point, we've already heard roughly 6-8 potential album tracks.

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