Thursday, August 22, 2013

Good Times, Bad Times: The Dismemberment Plan - "Invisible" (Partisan Records)

Legendary Hardcore Art-Punk band The Dismemberment Plan had their original "reign of terror" across DC from 1993-2003, eventually parted ways, and all got boring blue collar desk jobs. Since initially re-forming in Sept. 2010, D-Plan have played a handful of scattered and wildly successful reunion tours (including a Late Night gig). After years of one-off gigs and claims of not getting back together "except to drink beer," it seems like Travis Morrison, Eric Axelson, Jason Caddell & Joe Easley are finally back together and in full form for the foreseeable future. But The Dismemberment Plan's comeback single, "Waiting," was released in a pretty unconventional method. It was temporarily play-able when eager fans dialed 252-64-DPLAN, although "Waiting" has since been re-released via Soundcloud.

Now, the band have unleashed a second taste of their forthcoming Uncanney Valley album, "Invisible," which Tom Breihan appropriately describes as "about moving to a city where nobody knows your name, the fear and the ecstasy of the experience, and it's beautiful!" Oddly enough, when compared side-by-side, "Waiting" and "Invisible" are honestly as opposite as could be, stylistically; on one hand, last month's "Waiting" is basically a jittery Art Pop-Punk gem, while you could really say that "Invisible" is on a whole 'nother adult angst-fueled Aggro-Punk level... The Dismemberment Plan were one of the few bands that I unknowingly skipped over during my formative middle/high school East Coast Punk exploration, because they were largely inactive at the time (about 2000-03). And with that said, now really seems like as good a time as ever to get into the fully rejuvenated Post-Hardcore four-some, who's first album in nearly 12 years, Uncanney Valley is out nation-wide this upcoming October 15th.

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