Saturday, August 17, 2013

Glory Boyz Ent. Presents: Chief Keef - "Citgo" (Will Hoopes & Young Ravisu)

Internet-spun legend had to that Chief Keef discovered Polish beat-maker Young Ravisu (Radoslaw Sobieraj) himself in later 2012-13 while perusing YouTube for "Finally Rich-type beats;" after some additional mixing, paperwork, and legal mumbo-jumbo, Young Ravisu's instrumental slowly morphed into "Citgo." The 2 like-minded 18-year-olds' collaboration eventually ended up appearing as a bonus track on Chief Keef's commercial debut, Finally Rich. Before this piece goes too far, let me just say that I'm far from a Chief Keef expert/super-fan: I'm really only familiar with him through his Kanye-affiliated tracks, "I Don't Like" (Remix) and more recently, "Hold My Liquor" with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver). Now, nearly 8+ months after it's initial release, "Citgo" has been re-hashed as a proper video-single, more or less.

A mere coincidence or not, GBE Ent. also unleashed a 16-track mixtape, Bang Part 2, the night before the Will Hoopes-directed video debuted online, which just so happened to be Chief Keef's 18th birthday, too. It's just 1 of 3 long-rumored mixtapes, with Almighty So supposedly slated for a Halloween FREE-release, followed by GGUOD on Thanksgiving. Stereogum head-honcho Tom Breihan pretty much described the weirdly awesome "Citgo" clip perfectly: "Once upon a time, you'd see a million dirt bikes and four-wheelers in every Rap video, and I've long pined for a return of the aesthetics of the Ruff Ryders era... [It's] a video that makes those dirt bikes look lyrical, somehow beautiful!" With that said, Chief Keef is essentially a hyper-aggro live wire of a rapper who not unlike pre-Carter III Lil' Wayne or Lil B, almost seems to sounds substantially "better" on low-grade DJ-tagged mp3's over lush-sounding major label mixed/mastered recordings.

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