Monday, August 12, 2013

It's Only Rock "N" Roll, and I Like It: White Denim - "Pretty Green" (Corsicana Lemonade)

"It's taken five records to make one that sounds the way we do on-stage," lamented White Denim frontman James Petralli, who recorded a 6-track Portastudio-assisted covers album on-the-fly last April... "We wheeled-in a bunch of crazy 50's gear and played from noon until 2am every day until the album was done." Downtown Records plans to unleash Corsicana Lemonade, which was jointly produced by Jeff Tweedy, Tom Schick, and local Austin maestro Jim Vollentine, this upcoming October 29th. White Denim could more or less be likened to a slightly more Indie Rock-minded, Funk-infused version of The Black Keys or something along the lines of Squeeze, Big Star, and Rick Derringer.

Aside from a nifty little Corsicana Lemonade album teaser clip, "Pretty Green" is a blistering Rock "N" Roll romper, despite it's semi-questionable title. This marks the first time during White Denim's 7-year career that they've worked with an outside producer(s); Tweedy & Schick co-produced 2 tracks together, while Jim Vollentine produced the remaining 8 Corsicana Lemonade tracks at his Lake Travis-based home studio. While they've released a handful of singles and EP's since their last full-length D (2011), White Denim have been prepping what could easily be their magnum opus for roughly 3+ years. James Petralli, Joshua Block, Steven Terebecki, and Austin Jenkins are headed out on a short 12-date tour with Psych-Indie Rockers Tame Impala, which is set to run from August 7th and then after some time off, October 4-27th.

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