Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jason Sudeikis, Will Forte, Ed Hemls & Jason Batemen are... Mumford & Sons - "Hopeless Wanderer" (Sam Jones)

Marcus Mumford, Winston Marshall, Ben Lovett, and Ted Dwane are four British chaps that have been making some pretty All-American-sounding Bluegrass and Folk Rock together since about 2007; While Mumford & Sons' sophomore album, Babel was released back in September 2012, Island/Glassnote Records are still earnestly pushing successful Modern Rock radio singles from it. Mumford & Sons don't even appear in their latest music video, "Hopeless Wanderer" ...instead, director Sam Jones quite ingeniously re-cast former SNL alum and Arrested Development funnymen Jason Sudeikis (Mumford), Will Forte (Dwane), Ed Helms (Lovett), and Jason Bateman (Marshall) as a slightly exaggerated, ramped up version of the band. Now, it could just be a mere coincidence, but Ed Helms & Jason Sudeikis, who I think kinda look alike, are also co-starring in the upcoming summer blockbuster, We're The Millers, along with middle-aged bombshell Jennifer Aniston.

Sam Jones and his rag-tag "Mumford & Sons" essentially manage to implement, embellish, and shit all over any sort of working-class, down-country public image that the band has established over the years. We're talkin' about some pretty CLASSIC, side-splitting imagery here: seemingly aimless piano pushing, moody acoustic-driven field performances, dusty dirt road slo-mo shots, some dude-on-dude action, and general calamity. Whether you're a die-hard Mumford & Sons fan or not, "Hopeless Wanderer" is pretty damn "brave for a band to hire famous people to make their whole [deathlessly old-timey pose] look stupid in their own music video" to paraphrase modern-day Shakespeare Tom Breihan (Stereogum). Frontman Marcus Mumford is supposedly working on a Folk-tinged soundtrack for the upcoming Coen Brothers flick, Inside Llewyn Davis with comeback kid Justin Timberlake, a movie which is currently scheduled for a December 20th release.

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