Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Guess Who's Back, Back Again?: Eminem - "Berzerk" (The Marshall Mathers LP 2)

"Guess who's REALLY back? #VMAs," Eminem Tweeted along with a KAWS-designed logo before the start of the 30th annual MTV VMA's; while "Miley Cyrus was still TWERKIN,'" Justin Timberlake reunited with N'SYNC, Kanye performed under a lynching tree, Lady GaGa showed off her new-found fat ass, and Katy Perry closed out the show from a boxing ring/stage under the Brooklyn Bridge... Eminem revealed news that he's prepping The Marshall Mathers LP 2 for a November 5th release (Shady Aftermath). Eager and unknowing fans were treated to 2 Beats By Dre/Eminem commercials throughout the live broadcast, 15 and 30-second teasers between 9-11pm. Included within the #NewBeatsStudio commercials was a track preview presumably titled, "Berzerk," which is set for a wide release this upcoming Tuesday, August 27th.

It seems as though Eminem has resurrected his angst-filled bleach blonde Slim Shady alter-ego, who's been largely inactive ever since Tom Green had one nut removed (2000). But the real question is: Will Eminem's rapid-fire brand of celebrity-bashing Aggro-Rap still be relevant nearly 14 years later, in the extremely fast-paced social medium and Internet Age? Long-time buddies Rick Rubin & Dr. Dre both helped co-executive produce The Marshall Mathers LP 2, while 50 Cent & Skylar Grey supposedly contributed rapped/sung guest vocals during the recording phase. Maybe it's still a little too early to tell, but I think "Berzerk" kinda has that underlying mid-90's Beastie Boys Slacker-Hop feel a la "So What'cha Want" or even late 80's, thumping Run-D.M.C.-sounding 808 hi-hats; Even just from a 30-second snippet, I can tell that Eminem, Rick Rubin & Dr. Dre [almost] perfectly sampled Billy Squier's Arena Rock mega-hit, "The Stroke" (1981).

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