Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Lil B, "Hip-Hop's #1 Weirdo"

Running with the primary "stream of conscious" ideal of the "genre," I present you, this "article" (list) I put together while watching "The Vice Guide to Based Music" (MTV, 1/3/11):

- Based God/Music
positive/negative, invented, only one doing it still
"Not give a f@#k" attitude. Wears almost same outfit every day.
Rockin' same pair of old, cruddy Vans 'til he hits $1 milli.
Stream-of-consciousness style
- 122+ videos, 200 MySpace fan pages, 5 tracks/day
- Twitter
pics of girls/ambient music (monkey), awkward "blind dates"
- Celeb obsessions
"I'm Ellen Degeneres," "Miley Cyrus," "Paris Hilton," "Bill Clinton"...
Pull Quote: "Based Music seems like an excuse 2 be professionally weird."
"I'm Ryan Duff (SWAG)!"

From Oakland, CA
The Pack ("Vans," circa 2006). Now on Indie-Pop Music record label.
Ambient Hip-Hop album (Rain In England), MF DOOM mixtape, HTDW freestyle, Pictureplane Remix.
On Soulja Boy's record label.
* Definitely an interestingly complex, up-and-coming artist.

Lil B's NEW YouTube Channel @ http://www.youtube.com/LILBPACK1

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