Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bearded Whalers: Those Lavender Whales - "Shake Your Palm-Palm Branches" (Myles Walsh Animation)

Drummer Jessica Bornick shot me a quick email over the weekend simply stating: "We wanted to share an animation video our friend created. It features our song, "Shake Your Palm-Palm Branches." Clocking in @ about 45 seconds, it showcases a track from Those Lavender Whales' "odds & sods" cassette, Pilgrims, Friends & Blood-ties (2010). Myles Walsh animated short features 3 bearded Whalers, resembling their "Growth In Question" music video, inter-spliced against scenes of dancing palm trees. It reminds me of those 1960's "Beatlemania" cartoons and somewhat of grammatically incorrect superhero, Captain Caveman (1977-80). Those Lavender Whales' most recent album, Tomahawk of Praise is now available... through bandleader Aaron Graves' very own Indie Folk label, Fork & Spoon Records. It's the perfect record to help usher in Spring/Summertime and personally, I highly recommend it!

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