Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pretty Girls Driving My Sports Car: Frank Ocean - "Whip Appeal" (nostalgia, lite EP?)

Frank Ocean uploaded his latest track, "Whip Appeal" to his personal Tumblr account earlier this evening. Like many of his other recent "releases," the track was pulled from the bulk of Internet servers just a few hours later [presumably by Def Jam]. Soon after "Whip Appeal" was yanked, Ocean hopped back on Tumblr to clarify that the track probably won't be appearing on Nostalgia, ULTRA's major label re-release, which might never even see the light of day. Frank Ocean has logged studio time and penned hits for the likes of Nas, Justin Bieber, Kanye & Jay-Z, John Legend, Beyoncé, Bridget Kelly, Pharrell, and Brandy.

Since he self-released what would have been his debut project on his own back in February 2011, Frank Ocean and Def Jam have been on not so good terms... But his currently untitled premier release is expected sometime during 2012. "Whip Appeal" is roughly 5-minutes long and features Ocean lamenting about "pretty girls driving [his] sports car," over a glitch-filled drum-heavy beat. Frank Ocean is slated to appear on a handful of tracks across Odd Future's upcoming group mixtape, The OF Tape, Vol. 2 (March 20th). Frank Ocean is scheduled to open for Coldplay, whom he previously sampled for "Strawberry Swing," on a string of European Tour [closing] dates throughout August-September.

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