Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Roots Underground, Like Veggies: Homeboy Sandman - "Mine All Mine" (Stones Throw EP 1)

Homeboy Sandman is far from your average gun-slinging, crack-dealing, bitch-slapping rapper. Granted he's no Will Smith either, but Sandman teeters the fine line between "parent approved" and parental advisory. His playful, blatantly honest couplets often remind me of one of my personal favourite rappers' schemes: Biz Markie. While he's amongst Stones Throw Records' freshest crop of signees, Homeboy Sandman has been self-releasing music for the bulk of the past 5-6 years (2007). Past cohorts [collaborators] include: Das Racist, 2 Hungry Bros, Paul White, Nottz, Kyle Rapps, and DJ Mick Boogie.

Subject: Matter EP is being billed as "6 Rap songs dealing with content no one has ever rapped about before," which ultimately showcase Homeboy Sandman's intelligently-woven wordplay and keen sense of storytelling. "Mine All Mine" is the second music video culled from Subject: Matter, released in just as many weeks. Filmed throughout Sandman's hometown of Elmhurst, Queens, NY by Maven Multimedia, he can be seen... chilling with family & friends, "mean mugging," living his everyday life, and lamenting about possessions over top of a 2 Hungry Bros beat. Homeboy Sandman's Subject: Matter EP is now available over @ Stones Throw for $6-10 and it's follow-up, Chimera EP should be expected sometime during April.

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