Friday, March 30, 2012

Swing Lo Magellan: Dirty Projectors - "Gun Has No Trigger" (Domino Release, Update)

Originally formed in 2002 as the passion-filled solo project of frontman David Longstreth, has gradually morphed into a melodic sextet. Like many Indie Rock fans nation-wide, I first fell in love with Dirty Projectors' 2007 album-length project, Rise Above; Loosely re-imagined version of Black Flag's debut LP, Damaged (1981) spun solely from Longstreth's [spotty] memory. Wile previous incarnations included members of Vampire Weekend, Dirty Projectors is currently made up of Nat Baldwin, Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian, Haley Dekle, and Brian Mcomber. It's follow-up, which materialized some 2 years later, Bitte Orca ["please whale"] ended up appearing on many year-end lists. David Longstreth & Dirty Projectors recorded it's companion EP, Mount Wittenberg Orca "on the fly" along with Björk. The band became friendly with The Roots after playing Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and "The Dirty Projectors Girls" eventually ended up laying down vocals for The Roots' phenomenal album, How I Got Over (Intro).

Dirty Projectors started recording new material last Summer, sessions which were nearing completion in October, and a new album that should be out either this upcoming Spring or Summer. Unveiled just yesterday over @ Domino Records' Soundcloud without much prior warning, "Gun Has No Trigger" is the premier track from DP's new record. Sample #1 is a sparse affair, laid over a simple Hip-Hop-esque drumbeat and further accented by the combination of male/female voices. David Longstreth himself said that it'd probably end up being similar [sound-wise] to Mount Wittenberg Orca EP, woody drum sounds, and a batch of songs dealing with themes of Horror-fear.

NEWS FLASH: Domino Records will release Dirty Projectors' new album, Swing Lo Magellan on July 9-10th. 12 songs were culled from a batch of roughly 40 fleshed out demos (B-sides) for the record, some of which include: "About to Die," "Just From Chevron," "Impregnable Question," "Maybe That Was It," and "Irresponsible Tune." The companion press release also states that Angel Deradoorian didn't take part in Swing Lo Magellan's creation and is on some sort of "hiatus."

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