Saturday, March 10, 2012

"It's a Long Way to The Top, If You Wanna Rock "N" Roll:" The Skins - Bandcamp 3 EP (Brooklyn Youth)

When I first heard The Skins' "Summertime," I thought it sounded vaguely like Rage Against The Machine as told through the aggressive, long-forgotten voice of Led Zeppelin's orphaned "children." Formed @ Brooklyn's own [Paul Green] School of Rock, The Skins consists of 3 siblings: Bayli (18), Kaya (16), and Reef Mckeithan (13), along with friends Daisy Spencer (18) and Russell Chell (19) on guitar. Indeed talented far beyond their lack of collective years, The Skins started up-keeping a pretty rigorous Manhattan/Brooklyn area touring schedule @ some point during Summer 2011.

The band's premier release, an untitled 3-track EP was unleashed to the masses back on Jan. 1st; Ben Rice lent his recording & mixing talents, while Dale Becker went in and mastered everything after the fact, with semi-cryptic album art provided by Aya Brown. The Skins EP is rounded out by "Getting Down" and "Ocean" and is now available over @ Bandcamp for just $1/track. I've been talking with Miss Daisy Spencer and if all goes well, a full band interview should be soon forthcoming... Stay tuned, ladies & gents! Shouts to my amiga, Arelie Gutierrez for the introduction!

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